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Who you calling a 'pretty boy'?

Not quite your common or garden sort of visitor,
this Harris hawk has loitered around for a day or two.
 I first spotted it in the trees yesterday morning when I was cradling a coffee in my hands.
The group of agitated crows and jackdaws caught my attention,
because at the centre of their feathery cackles and shrieks...
Was this handsome creature. 
A few quick photos through the window was not enough,
so Eldest and I walked as close as we could 
and got a few more.
 Even before we knew exactly what species it was (we did a bit of research), 
we knew that it was not a local bird.
Turns out  - it is far from it's country of origin and will be an escaped 'Falconry Bird'.

Good luck rounding this stray up................!


  1. A nasty visitor, for your local birds though.....


  2. Wow, what a sight in your garden. Someone somewhere will be looking for that bird I am sure. Perhaps it will fly home when it gets hungry. There is a falconry place on the A65 that I have driven past on my way to my brothers I forget exactly where on that road but I think you are in that area too? Maybe it has come from there?

    1. No it is not their bird, they have lost a juvenile bald eagle and we had wondered if this was theirs, unfortunately, not only NOT their juvenile bald eagle it is not even their bird, they have put the word out to all their contacts - so hopefully it will be claimed :)

    2. I hope it does get claimed I cannot imagine that it will do well in the wild. There is place down the road from me that has a Harris Hawk maybe it is theirs, it would have flown a fair way if that was the case! Your garden seems to be a magnet for waif and stay animals!

  3. A brilliant visitor; lucky you to see it.

  4. A very unusual visitor to your garden, I hope it stays around and someone claims it soon :-)

  5. Isn't he absolutely beautiful!! Asyou know I'm a bird of prey nutter & would love to have one visit especially to keep the flipping crows away. Thank you.


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