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Solstice Blessings

We usually celebrate summer solstice - the longest day - by being outside 
for as much of it as possible. Enjoying the light and the air.
The warmth.
Winter Solstice is usually a more inward marking of the turning of the seasons.
Lights, fire, food, candles and chat.
Not this year.
We spent it outside - for the most part,
Enjoying the gentle light,
the freshness of the air. 
We still ate warming foods - Yule cake and mince pies,
mugs of tea - sitting alongside our favourite canal.
Not that we could linger long - there was definitely a nip in the air! 
As we walked, we watched the wintery sun slip behind
the dark clouds and leaf-free trees. 
The paths we followed were muddy and wet,
as was the dog .... 
Then, when we returned to the village where we'd parked,
their lights across the bridge were wonderful.
Simple and elegant. 
 A lovely end to a gentle day 
Solstice blessings to you all - here is to the turning of the circle, 
the changing of the seasons 
and the return of the light xxxxxxxxx


  1. At last, cant wait. Never felt the darkness so much.

  2. What a lovely day....

    Nice that your weather was so, that you could be out all day. Without frost bite. -smile-


  3. Great photos, I love the first one and the one of Moss ☺️

  4. Just beautiful. Solstice blessings to you and your family, Kate. X

  5. What beautiful light in your first picture, (and beautiful mud in the sixth).

    You had much better Solstice weather than us, my little bit of sunshine barely lasted half an hour. Blessings to you and yours as the light returns. xx

  6. I could more easily endure the rain if there was more light! Yippee for the Solstice as the light will return! Fab photo of Moss!


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