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Greeting hoomins - 

I seeez that the lowest member of the pack put paw to paper and blogged - so I thought I would put the balance of pawer back to those more superior.  Me.

Fur I iz Pepper the Great, Pepper the keeper of the kitchen, the watcher of the fridge, the pawtroller of the back street. I iz Pepper and I iz number one, top of the heap, leader of the pack.

I wearz many hats in my cat-pacity of being in charge of the hoomins.
I iz the putting up of the tree supervisor
I iz the contents of the fridge inspector
I takez my purrr-sition very seriously, 
I even checkz the condition of the scraps for the dog,
coz the dog haz no taste, 
especially when it comez to the chick-chicks or hamziz
wrapped in the shiny silver stuff... 
Iz DEFURNITELY haz to checkz that....
taste test anyone?
Yez purr-lease!


  1. Pepper. You are adorable!!!!


  2. Great photos, and I love Pepper's face on the last one, it made me laugh :-)

  3. Wonderful writing Pepper. I'm glad that we've got that straight.

  4. Well, Pepper it looks like it is up to you to keep the Hoomins in order; loos like they let the fridge get out of control too. So you'd better keep your guard up and keep a beady eye on them. Your face is the face of perfect innocence.

  5. Ohh !! Sweet kitten! Looks pretty curious and investigative! Happy new year! Wishing a wonderful new year in 2020!

  6. Look, words for January 2020 have appeared! Thanks. I'll get my thinking hat on....


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