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small insights and flashing lights

Dark evening walks seem to be the order of the day at the moment; a combination of being busy through the day, the rain, dilly dog wanting to stretch her legs, Himself wanting fresh air and me needing to rack up the miles before the end of the year (ONLY 83 miles to go before I hit the mythical #walk1000miles by the end of the year!).

It is a different kind of walking. Introspective. Reflective. Inward.

We walk, mostly in congenial silence but equally we talk and laugh and pass comment (not always complimentary) on the ever increasing amount of houses groaning under the weight of flashing festive lightage. Some discreet and delightful, most covered in brightly coloured pulsating mesh lights. There is one home that seems to have several more yards of twinkle added every second day or so - I would hate to see their electricity bill after this month (mind you, their festive lights started flashing in November....)
Last night, while at our furthest point - it started to rain and hail and beneath my umbrella, wrapped up warmly with just my nose and eyes visible - in a strange way - it was rather beautiful. The small white icy pellets bouncing on the pavement reflecting off the light the the street lamps. Their 'twinkle' muted and natural.
Then, when home, with my fingers wrapped around a mug, the dog asleep in front of the fire and Himself pottering around - I always feel better for the slog.

I will be doing another Five on Friday - Gratitude this week - if you fancy joining in - it is a simple post where you list five things that made you smile this week - a gentle way to round up the week and celebrate the small things in life that are important to you, I'll add a link at the end of Friday's post so you can add your 'Five' - xxxx

I best get on, coffee and painting waiting for me :)


  1. We here, do not care, for flashing lights. Or pulsating ones, or whatever. My husband has trouble with his eyes, and that is the reason for his dislike. But me too, I'd much rather a simple, old fashioned, stay on bulb! -grin-

    Are people in those brightly lit neighborhoods, competing? -smile-

    A congenial silent walk sounds delightful... I'd be afraid of being mowed down by cars, though, after darkness. You are probably lucky, to not have as many, to be worried about. Anyway, do hope you both, and the dog, have reflective bits on. Actually, lots of bits. It's hard for drivers to deal with both bad weather and walkers.

    "Jingle bells, jingle bells,
    jingle all the way..."

    ♬ 🎶 ♫

  2. I'll do my grateful five on Friday. Gosh Friday is almost here!

  3. Illuminated gardens and houses: I was thinking a similar thing earlier in the week. I wonder how long it will be before the pendulum of public opinion swings and putting up outdoor lights is considered anti-social, energy wasteful, no longer socially acceptable?

  4. So close to completing those miles.......you are so right about feeling better for a walk at this time of year, it is just getting over that hurdle of going out when the weather makes you feel that you want to do anything but!

  5. I do like seeing the lights but I do think of all the wasted electricity- I think one nice set looks pretty but I wouldn't go mad on loads and loads. I don't think we've ever had external lights!


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