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Ooh er missus !

You know it is the festive silly season,
when you are knitting a teeny weeny scarf 
for a needle felted commission...
...Or painting salt dough stars... 
And you know it is definitely the silly season,
when you notice that one of the pixie boots you are painting in red and green strips
is sporting a rather skimpy and fetching 
oh dear.
Quick - fetch the green paint and fill in the missing spaces
see if that helps!

Hope your Monday is as silly - in a nice way of course :)


  1. Oh mercy!!!!!!! That is a bikini, isn't it????? -gigggggles-


  2. Ooh yes, definitely the silly season & a bikini in the middle of your cold & snow. (giggle). The boot will freeze. Have a good week.

  3. Busy, busy, you've been busy! Your bikini made me smile!

  4. Haha! You can't unsee the bikini can you. X


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