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Play misty for me

It was a misty kinda morning yesterday.
Eldest and I set off over the moors to Hebden Bridge.
The views were a soft grey and muted,
not the usual far reaching and dramatic, 
 unless you knew the road,
you wouldn't know how far it drops into the valley below.
And knowing - as we do - it gives
that extra frisson of jeopardy as you climb up the narrow winding road
and immerse yourself in the clouds.

Then after a few careful miles, avoiding free ranging sheep, pot holes and deep ditches either side of the single width road, you drop down into the town of Hebden Bridge. Full of twinkling lights, decorated shops, street art and coffee shops.

What's not to like?!

Tomorrow I will be doing the final Five on Friday - Gratitude for 2019 - do join in - even if you only leave your five in the comments - it is a lovely and gentle way to round up the week. It helps you see that despite the rubbish that is happening out there in the world, there are small and precious moments that make your life just that little nicer.

Until then xxxxxx


  1. I had to smile at all the things you need to avoid while driving, a bit different to the muddy flat lanes round here - although we do have plenty of pot-holes

  2. I know that scary road! I prefer to come back over that road if I've been to Hebden Bridge and not the other way round. It is necessary (but sad when there is no mist) to count the cars etc that have been pushed off this road into the abyss. I'm ready with my Five.

  3. Venturing out, through Dragon's Breath...


    "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
    Jack Frost nipping at your nose
    Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
    And folks dressed up like Eskimos…"

    ♬ 🎶 ♫

  4. The sort of driving which rather "concentrates the mind". But it is very, very satisfying when the journey is completely safely.

  5. Snow! Makes me glad to be where I am...even though it is raining!

  6. When you said you were in Hebden Bridge and I saw how misty it was here I was glad when I knew you were safely home. It is a scary road. xxx


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