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Finding the low light levels quite suppressing and typically here in the north grey skies seem to be dominating.
So been looking at the smaller things that reflect light. 
And giving others a coat of paint to help improve that light quality I am craving. 
Inspired by Scandinavian colours and lifestyle....
watch this space :)

How are you coping with the driech greyness at the moment? or are you blessed with blue skies? 
Go on - tell me coz I love to hear what you are up to!

speak soon x


  1. It's so dark isn't it? I've been getting out every day for RED January. Yes, even Saturday evening when it was pouring with rain! I got soaked through to the skin.
    All my house plants have been moved to the kitchen windowsill to get as much light as possible.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your painting. X

  2. Lovely sunshine here today so far - it's such a treat - might even get the washing dry

  3. We have the storm. Windy and wet 'orrible.

  4. White is always uplifting.

    Keep at it.

    Our gray is mitigated with sun, at times. So it has not fully been depressing.


  5. Been blowing a howler today ... white is lovely at this time of the year isn't - I'm craving colour at the minute. Looking forward to seeing the results of the painting :)

  6. Windy, wet and drab ... that's outside, but in here a nice candle burns to give a lovely glow.

  7. I've started to take vitamin D [sorry if you already know this] following the advice on the NHS site as it helps with low light levels and our lack of exposure to it. It's definitely helped. I've also now got lights in the dark corners of my north facing sitting room helped tremendously by a new lamp which casts a very warm, pinkish glow. Arilx

  8. Today we have blue skies and very little wind - but it is supposed to be summer here. We look forward to it arriving before autumn sets in :)


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