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Knit knit knot not sleep!


Knitting to sooth the savage beast - well - my over-thinking brain. It is whirling around, writing lists and ticking items off and adding more. 

I sometimes think that my brain and I are independent beings which share the same body - me!

Let me explain. Last night I went to bed very tired, so fell asleep really easily and very deeply.  Until I was woken by a persistent chatter..... a little busy bee voice was cheerfully listing all the jobs I had to do for today. I tried to ignore it and go back to my nice warm snuggly sleep when .....

Have you remembered the pot of paint? the white paint? have you have you?

What about the guillotine - bet you will forget that one ha!

The black fabric?

The radio?

your paintbrushes?

and what about the festive CDs????

At this point, I was fully awake and wondering what on earth was happening - then I realised ... my brain was cheerfully prepping for today's workshop and making sure that everything was shipshape ..... at 2.30am in the morning. Eventually I got up and made a mug of tea and let the my brain prattle on until it ran out of steam and I fell back into bed absolutely knackered!

So, today, at work, I felt a little brittle, a little tired with scratchy sandpaper eyes, but don't worry, my brain was fast asleep.πŸ™„

However I did remember to pick up the paint, the black fabric, the radio and paintbrushes. The CDs I chose to leave behind and what about the guillotine??

Yes dear brain you were correct I did forget ......

So, I am knitting - and aaaahhh it is definitely soothing my soul (as is the mug of tea and the fire) bliss.

No brains were harmed in the making of this episode of my blog, although I did think rather evil thoughts about it last nightπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

#moreblogvember (is that a thing? haha it seems so now!)


  1. Love it. I have exactly the same relationship with my knee we share the same body but it and I disagree about what it can and cant do.
    When I was a teacher I was also often found marking books at silly o'clock because my brain wouldn't rest. Another colleague told me she had the same problem and had long since learnt to just get up and mark the books knowing she'd be in bed early and sleeping soundly the next night.

    1. I have a knee of independent means - it too does exactly what it wants to and not what I need it to do!! haha Some times you just have to accept you are not going to sleep so might as well get up and get on with it πŸ™„πŸ˜

  2. I know what you mean! However my brain says total rubbish and if I try to get it thinking properly (eg what I must/want to do tomorrow) it insists on going off on a tangent. We spend hours fighting like this until I doze off and then it can start again unless it's time to get up. Anyone know a magic cure? x

    1. Under normal circumstances, my brain just gently waffles total rubbish too - however for the last four days it has been super efficient and ticking off the lists I have written down on paper already - for some reason my brain feels that discussing them (loudly) at 3 am is the best thing to do???

  3. Glad I'm not the only one!!

    1. Me too - makes it less frustrating (well not really!) when you realise you are not the only one with an over thinking, sleep deprived brain!


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