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We will remember them🌹

A post in two halves....

Part 2
Following on from yesterday's photos of Moss wearing her purple poppy which, let's face it were not that good, I decided that I would try again - as we needed 'heroic' type images for the work dogs wearing their poppies with pride.  

So ..... I decided to try again at home. I fed her so that she would be happy and more likely to sit and stay. She does shuffle forward when she is being photographed which makes it a bit difficult when you are going for a specific look.
The plan would be that I would sit her down, focus on her then waft a dog biscuit about so that she would prick up her ears and look alert and focused......

Umm - well that was the plan. 
Please note the 'please can I have the biscuit' paw and the anticipating tongue!
Try again!

Almost there!
However the poppy doesn't show that well -

Try again!! - waft that biscuit...waft....waft...waft!

Good poppy shot!
 .... erm not so sure about the dog..........

I probably deleted about half a dozen pictures before I gave up and decided to go with what I had....

The work dogs line up :-

At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.



  1. Lovely post. I did not realise how difficult your model could be. Love the pictures that went wrong. But you ended up with a perfect purple shot. It's good that the animals of the war are being remembered now too. Check out this lovely story of Khan who had been awarded the Dicken Medal and now has a statue commemorating his bravery by rescuing his handler from the sea.
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-59197048 🧡🦴🦴xx

    1. She is such a wriggler when it comes to photos that do not have water or sticks involved - TBH waving a biscuit bribe around is probably not the best thing to do!
      Yes, I've read that story before - incredible isnt it?x

  2. Love the "bum shuffle and paw up" . . . best picture of the lot!

    1. Chuckle - she thought if she did her 'paw hand shake' that I would give in and immediately pass over the bribe I mean biscuit but she had to work for it first haha

  3. Your first photo is a cracker, she did try bless her. All the doggy models are lovely, well done all.

  4. Wonderful photos of Moss; such a funny post too. Perhaps she has a sense of humour, making you work in order to get the photo you wanted. But the chosen photo was a good one. x

    1. Thank you! She can be a comic but not sure if she is aware how much she can make us chuckle

  5. Great post & you must remember, animals & children aren't the most forthcoming or attentive for photography. Well done anyway. Take care & hugs.

  6. Aww, bless her, she did her best and the first photo is a cracker. I love the third shot too, how could anyone possibly be cross with that adorable face :)


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