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10 - counting again and a bit of a Ta da!

In between heavy showers  and dramatic seascapes, we found a field full of pigs.  Large whites. Truffling and snuffling in the mud and grunting contentedly. We stopped to take pictures then having satisfied myself with my photos, I turned to jump back into the car when I spotted the curved mirror.  And beneath that mirror? A metal tag number 10. Excellent!


Some time ago, whilst fettling around in a charity shop, I came across a lovely wool jumper and for the grand sum of £1 I bought it. It had been darned on one elbow in a lighter grey wool and the other elbow was completely threadbare but there was potential. It was stashed to be repaired at a later date........fast forward probably a year or two! 

Himself found the jumper on Sunday. 

We looked at it - it seemed too small for him and I wondered if it would fit one of my boys. Youngest looked at it and proclaimed that with patches on the elbows (like a geography teacher he said) he would love to wear it. Youngest was very specific what colour patches he wanted - they had to be brown and round. I wondered if I had the correct sort of material to do the repairs but Youngest stated that he wanted the patches to be knitted! Woo hoo! I could manage that, then I had a brainwave - my knitting is still slow and to be honest I thought that knitted patches would not be 'tough' enough for a lively 13 year old - so I crocheted them using Ronaldsay wool and BAM! One happy youngster and one happy ME! 



  1. Great repair job. Glad Youngest requested knitting and then you did then crochet job! Looks wonderful.

  2. Brilliant. I can just imagine Youngest pouncing on it and telling you exactly what he wanted done with it! Colour suits him.

  3. Now that is a clever thought! The patches are brilliant!


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