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16 - 16, still counting

16th December - its the 350th day of the year meaning only 15 days left of 2013.

It is a dark and stormy evening as I write this. We are still in recovery mode from yesterday - Purple Threads from Threads Through My Life very kindly sent me a photo or two of wreaths I'd missed - including the one on my own front door!
 I went for a simple and natural look this year. Not that it shows, but there is 'snow' spray and a smattering of glitter to hopefully twinkle at night when the lights go on.
Purple Threads also managed to snap a photo as the last gingerbread trees momentarily lingered on the plate - Youngest was most put out when he realised all the biscuits had been eaten and he had only had TWO! So I have promised we will make more for our Yule celebrations.

We did however get the decorations done, Youngest has been pestering me since yesterday to get the tree and the twinkly lights sorted. He was half expecting me to finish trimming the house after our crafty wreath making session but I was that tired that I put him off with a mug of tea and a mince pie - phew! But on Sunday, there was no escape.

With his help (he is tall enough to reach the top of the tree!) the decorating was done in a record time ( in fact he was so speedy that I was concerned that the end result would look a little disheveled - but no, he did do a very good job and I only needed to move one or two baubles whilst he was diving into the decorations box to find more trimming and twinkle for the tree!) Don't think there is a single INCH where we could fit anything else on......!

We are still doing out taste tests with mincepies - we have tried 14 yes FOURTEEN different varieties (all in the name of fairness!) I has been a hard task but some one has to do it erhem, as I wipe away a few crumbs.


  1. I love your front door wreath Hawthorn, and the tree looks beautiful in all it's finery! Gosh you've sampled a few mince pies - that must be a record; it'll be interesting to hear your final decision, or perhaps that wouldn't be fair either? Hugs, Joy xo

  2. the gingerbread tree and festive wreaths look lovely. Christmas hasn't arrived at our house yet, been working all weekend so I have some catching up to do.

  3. Well done Youngest! It looks great. Hope he gets his fair share of the gingerbread Christmas tree biscuits next time; I had the last one you gave me today and it is lovely!

  4. Love the twinkly lights effect on your tree. Not sure what you have done to it but it looks very Christmassy. Well done. BUT what about that mad Pepper cat - has she climbed up the tree yet?

  5. Great twinkly lights on the Christmas tree; I am hoping your next post might have a photo or two of Pepper atop the tree.....


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