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Three! Making a pig of ourselves....

3. A very snowy gate

This reminded me how much colder and snowier it was last year. That snow 'splatter' on the gate show how high the snow had piled up when the occupants had to dig their way through - glad it's not like that today.
December 3rd 2012 (I was counting down that year)

These darker cooler days and desire to try out some different recipes seems to have kicked my cooking mojo into action. A while back I had been looking for some gluten free recipes and came across this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous tasting gingerbread recipe
Then, not long after I heard about 'ginger parkin pigs'. Huh? Yes I did that too but Himself leapt up with glee and reminisced nostalgically about a childhood treat his little Gran would give him. So with a lot of research and a bit of retail necessity I found all the ingredients as well as a pig shaped biscuit cutter.
In the spirit of fairness and with a taste-test in mind I baked two very different recipes. One gluten free and one normal flour recipe. Oh my. Oh goodness me - be still my taste buds - how delish the gluten free recipe turned out to be. 
It was quite different to the other traditional crisp ginger biscuit - more chewy and dark, more adult and certainly more tasty. Unfortunately I was not the only one who thought that as the darker parkin pigs were scoffed more or less straight away ....... They were more complicated to make but certainly worth the effort.

Are parkin pigs something from your childhood?
Did you enjoy them as a treat?
Or like me you had never heard of them before?

Go on - squeal!! I'd love to hear if you were as intrigued as I had been :)


  1. Ooh, yum, yum, yum! Did we really have snow this time last year?? I'd forgotten that and am pleased we do not have any (yet!).

    1. They look good. No excuse not to bake now, oven working fine! Tempting recipes.


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