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Friday the 13th - lucky for some :) (me!)

Settle is full of quirky shops and tea rooms, cafes and restaurants, catering for a wide range of tastes, this little place is  no wider than the wooden surround of it's window and door. When the lights are on the thirteen looks wonderful - I am yet to give it a try - one day I will. :)

PS it is only 8 days till the shortest night - yuletime celebration and 11 days to chrimbly eve and 12 days to chrimbly day! (Not that I am counting erhem!)


Tonight we had our festive knit and natter. A wonderful evening to celebrate our year of knitting and crochet, nattering and friendship, nibbling and tea drinking. Admittedly there wasn't as much knitting and crochet as usual as we were more like to be found wielding a fork load of delish food or slurping a gorgeously heady alcoholic brew - Ooh I was good - I stuck to a good old mug of tea :)

We had a secret santa with a difference, we all brought a ball of wool or yarn, wrapped up and anonymous and placed into 'santa's' bag, then later, after an awful amount of feasting and laughter we dipped into the bag and chose a wrapped gift of yarny goodness. The next part was to unwrap and after a lot of oohing and aaahing and stroking of the yarn (no - not a euphemism but certainly a pleasure!) we tried to guess who'd wrapped up that yarn or wool. The final part was the challenge - we have until the end of February to create something from our knit and natter festive gift for a show and tell - Ooh how exciting! 

The next couple of days will be hectic and definitely more chrimbly-like - I promise my camera will be working over time and I will share some photos as I go along :)

Hello to Lisa N! From Needles and Wool


  1. Yes last night's KnK was great; still feel rather full of wonderful food. Good luck with your yarn from Santa; I have an idea about my ball but only an idea..... I agree that Settle is a delight for having lots of independent shops.

  2. I enjoyed last night too. Good food, good fun, great friends. I think I know what I will do with my Santa Yarn but it will have to wait till after New Year.

  3. Sounds like you are having some fun times Hawthorn, as you should! I've sadly missed a few posts as I've been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks so looking forward to catching up again - slowly!
    Hugs, Joy x


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