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Four stars and a very satisfied TA da!

Do you know what I did on Tuesday?
Well, a colleague and I wandered around town looking for a number 4. I had not been able to find one before - so this was a final push to find that elusive number. I had almost given up when my friend spotted this.....

Brilliant - Job done :)

Now I can waffle on a bit about some knitting progress!

I have other finished work to show but I've not taken photos yet. This one is destined for a birthday present so I need to get it blocked and wrapped up for the weekend.

I was inspired by Sachiko Uemura's Spring Kerchief and when I cast on with Rico Romance (Mohair, wool & acrylic) in Ice Blue and Mink it was like knitting a warm cloud.

 I have knitted it quietly at work or in the evenings after a bit of studying,

 It initially took a while to grow then suddenly this evening it finally came to the last row, a very satisfying cast off and three tassels later.....

The pictures are a little flat as they are taken with a flash but you can just make out the different shades of the main body of the stockinette shawl and the final garter stitch border and tassels.

Happy ? Oh yes and a little sad - I want to keep this shawl for myself but I know that it is going to a good home - so I better block and wrap before I change my mind!


  1. That Christmas present (lucky person) is stunning. Love how you staged it to take the photos. Did Pan or Pepper not help you since you were using their 'wall'? I'll give you four stars for this post.....

  2. What an original '4'! Well done on the finished scarf. I can confirm it is a soft as a cloud and knitted in the finest wool.xx

  3. Beautiful gossamer gift for a special lady from a special lady. Gorgeous. And what fun your numerical wanderings sound... xx

  4. It's beautiful Kate and I like the sound of the stollen recipe too x

  5. beautiful shawl! I love the color as well it looks so soft.
    Take care,


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