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6 - look who's popping in for a bit of festive fun

Last weekend we went down to Ingleton - a wonderfully quirky town - for a wander around and hopefully find a spot in a rather popular but very tiny tea shop. We failed on the tea shop mission but I did buy some reclaimed wool from a lovely fairtrade shop and more appropriately for the time of year - a photo for today's number!

Ah - nice one :)


I've been baking again - silly thing is, I have nothing but photos to show for it - oh that and three happy faces as they brush the crumbs away!
We love gingery foods - gingerbread men, ginger parkin pigs, ginger parkin cake, gingery fruit cake, ginger tea - the list goes on and on. Himself had made it quite clear he really fancied some ginger parkin cake, the hints were definitely not subtle (including being driven to the store to collect the ingredients!)
So, feeling a little under pressure (three chaps standing hopefully in the kitchen as I starting putting the the cake together) I
Recipe - BBC Good Food Parkin - YuM! 
Excuse me ..... I'm off to the kitchen to make another one.......!

Do you have that problem?
You know the one - no sooner baked than eaten?

It is a good problem though!!


  1. First job of the day for me??? Check your blog! Yes a new post and I am liking this year's combo of numbers and recipes! I can feel myself getting fatter just looking at the pictures so am glad I cannot reach into the screen and help myself to a few crumbs, well I doubt there will be a slice left by the time you have posted about it!

  2. Hello Hawthorn
    I certainly have that problem and I have to be quick too otherwise none for little me!!!
    Today is Spain's Constitution day so it is a national holiday ...whoopee so your photo fits in well with my spirits today!!! We are off out to look over a couple of Christmas markets...my favourite pastime!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Yes I do that. I might not bake a cake for ages and then when I do, I bake another and another…..
    Your cake does look yummy!

  4. I'm hoping to bake a ginger cake this weekend. I had a similar problem with mince pies I made - thinking 2 dozen would be plenty to take to a school gathering and some left over. I was wrong there! :)
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I can almost taste the ginger. Pity there was none left over to try.


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