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Rub a dub dub a 12 on a blue tub!

Thank you everyone who sent lovely purr-filled thoughts for Jak-the-cat, I have it on good authority that although he is still very ill, he is making progress. He is very loved and precious to my folks - your thoughts have certainly been appreciated - thank you xx

In October this year, we went up to Northumberland and we did something we'd promised ourselves for a very long time - catch a fishing boat and visit the Longstone Lighthouse on one of the islands of the Farne. It was an 'interesting' trip suffice to say I am glad the sea was calm and the sky was blue..... Any hoo, it was worth it once we were there and a good memory once I'd got my landlubber-feet on solid ground - phew!

This little blue tub was not our adventure-craft, nope, ours was a lot smaller and lower down and once full of passengers (press-ganged or otherwise) felt very close to the water line.


Another happy Tada! Another shawl - this time for ME (it is actually a Tada from a little while ago but just not got round to the reveal!)
I wear it most days and it so so Snuggly and Warm Around My Neck!

Happy happy:)



  1. That is a lovely shawl and with the snowflakes tumbling down it looks very festive!

  2. Love the colours - looks like Pan has given her approval too. The colours of the shawl pick up the lovely holiday colours in the picture above. 'Good grouping'!!

  3. It is so satisfying to wear something you have made. The colours are super, I think I want one!


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