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14 & 15 and a brilliant day of Ta Das!

The 14th for me was filled with wonderful friends and family, it was our annual festive foliage decoration making day where an awful lot of greenery, food, laughter, chat and creating occurred . Want to see?

Well firstly - I have to share something Youngest and I made as a welcoming treat.

A Gingerbread Tree !

It didn't last long................. :)

Just before everyone landed, I nipped out into the garden and cut a small pile of ever-green material to use for my festive wreath making and very quickly - it was 'inhabited' by something small and furry! She popped in and out, hiding then springing up like a cat-in-a-box. What great fun - in fact she got so over excited that she ran up and down and climbed in and out of everyone's boxes and bags that she very suddenly fell asleep - she is still a baby :)
There was so much snipping and cutting, placing and arranging of festive wreaths and table decorations.
Oh - I'll stop waffling and show you!
 Our little back yard was filled with all our work.
Yes that feather adorned wreath is resting on a row of wellie-boots - made my Eldest's girlfriend.

What added to our lovely day was the fact it wasn't just adults around the table creating festive decorations, there was children playing, the teenagers crafting, friends popping in and staying for a brew, it wasn't just all festive foliage, there was knitting and crochet and twister and drawing - in fact, in our house there was so much going on that my head was spinning and it was GREAT!

Now, as Himself takes Eldest and Girlfriend home, Youngest is in 'recovery position' on the settee whilst watching 'The Hobbit' and I am waffling on about today feeling most satisfied :)

Thank you every one xxxxxx


  1. Thanks for making it a wonderful day. A 'definitely do it again day.' That gingerbread tree was de-lich-ous!!

  2. Hawthorn, obviously you all had a wonderful time - I love all the wreaths and happy makings and I adore the pics of your little kitkat - she really is so cute and naughty - such fun! The gingerbread tree is fantastic and I'm not surprised it didn't last long! Happy days lovely! Hugs, Joy xo

  3. HIghlight for me??? All of the day! Hard to pick my best bit, Pepper peeking out of the greenery, the Christmas tree biscuits or just sitting there with my crochet hook and absorbing all the fun and frolics! A resounding success Hawthorn and thanks to Jak etc who made such wonderful food; I am still full!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and the wreaths look beautiful.

  5. Stopping by to say Hi and to catch up a bit, It wouldn't be the holidays without your counting to Christmas, and I enjoyed every post! Love the Gingerbread tree...those cookie cutters are so cute!! Hope you and your sweet family have a joyous holiday time!


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