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9 - 9 - 9 it's yule cake making time

I have several festive tins that over the years have become firm favourites for stashing away paints or threads, ribbons or snippetity bits of felt - all kept for school projects or card making, sewing or crafting. This one here is full of acrylic paints that we always take on holiday so on rainy days we can paint pebbles collected off the beach. It used to be all three of us that sat around a picnic bench painting and talking as the rain fell outside but these days it tends to be just me...oh well - at least I haven't grown up!!


On Sunday - despite it being a particularly grey and dreich one - it seems the perfect day to start our festive cake. I'd found a new recipe and it looked not only fool proof and sounded delish!

Now, after the kitchen was filled with a warm spicy scent for several hours, a cake securely wrapped in greaseproof paper rests in a cupboard. 
If you've not make your chrimbly cake yet and you are looking for a easy recipe - try HERE coz if I can do it - it must be easy :) 



  1. What a sneaky post! I had to count to find the number 9. Cake I sounds and smells wonderful.

  2. Just did a catch up read, your shawl looks lovely the wool looks so soft, and all of your baking looks delicious! I will try the Parkin recipe and the Stollen the cold dark days are a good excuse to bake.

  3. I too had to count the ladies on the tin, confused me especially as I thought it was the 8th but you had nine figures!!! Idiot!!! Can almost smell the cake. Looks really good. Do you think it will stay resting in your cupboard till Christmas Day.


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