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11 - a little magick and a lot of positive thought

I have this lovely little book of 'Magic Verse', it's an anthology of poetry and the first sentence in the introduction says ' All poetry is magic' and I agree. The words can sweep you away or fire you up, you can feel lost in the doggerel or be stung into action. I read them for reassurance, read them for guidance or just purely for pleasure.

My Mom's avatar and blog name is 'Jak' - after her and my Dad's cat. 

Jak has probably had a stroke, which unless it is a stroke by a loving hand along a glossy black coat, it is not the sort of stroke a cat would want. He is very poorly and my folks are worried - please think positive purr filled thoughts for him. I know at this minute he is lying in his bed asleep - sleep has wonderful curative properties as do positive thoughts and loving hands.

I was going to waffle on about a couple more FOs and WIPs but I think that can wait for another day xxx

"A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine, and the hearth in foul weather." - Judith Merkle Riley


  1. Good thoughts for Jak. Sounds like a nice book.

  2. Thanks Hawthorne for your request for kind purr filled thoughts for Jak. From being at death’s door yesterday after completely collapsing from a stroke he is still a bit wonky today, back legs not quite right. We go out to get emergency cat food, leaving him lying in the passage where he loves to watch the world – or at least the birds – go by- and when we get back home we find the remains of a bird he has caught and eaten!!! Obviously his heart pills and aspirin have done wonders. Only last night he was so exhausted from using his litter tray that he lay down completely flat in it, had no strength to get out!! It happened twice!! We were told to watch him carefully for the next two days as that would be the critical time but I suppose he was not listening to the vet when she said that! So purr filled thoughts do work. xx

  3. I will spend tonight sending all my positive thoughts to Jak.

  4. get well soon Jak - thoughts and purrs are with you


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