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A witching number 17

For a number of years now we have relied on and loved the Llewellyn's Witches calender and this year has been no different. It is an American publication so the timings and moon phases are slightly out - but not enough to detract from the lovely artwork, the daily sayings and magic. Each day is represented by a colour which in turn has a meaning for example - white is for protection and blue is for psychic awareness.  It also has astrological and pagan symbols as well as harvesting and sowing advice.

Today's number is supplied (or rather implied) by my calender. Thanks to Himself for the suggestion - I think he was sick of me wandering around muttering dark things about NOT having the number SEVENTEEN and where AT THIS TIME OF NIGHT would I find one ?!
Thank you xx


  1. I'm really struggling to leave you a comment here ... I think my laptop maybe doesn't like the snow you have falling :(

  2. Well done to your husband for coming up with that!

  3. Indeed, give Himself an extra mince pie for finding this elusive number. If he does not want the mince pie, I'll have it!

  4. I should really get myself one of those calendars one of these years...


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