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the power of friendship and creativity

Firstly a gentle reminder that tomorrow (14th Feb - famous for a different reason!) is going to a Five on Friday - Gratitude post - if you would like to join in - just add your link to the widget after tomorrow's post on my blog :) Let's share the smaller joys in life that make our day that little more gentle, more kind and bring a smile to your face xxx
Since October I have struggled to get back into my art, in fact I can give you a date - Friday 25th to be exact. I shut my studio and could not bear to go in and for the most of winter the space I virtually lived in daily for most of 2019 was left, ignored, shunned even.
Fast forward to this year, I met up with a few arty friends, one, a rather special gentleman who has had a really tough few years recently and despite all - has a smile, a kind word and a generosity of spirit for everyone he speaks to. During a conversation I picked up that despite his many activities, he was lonely and that he'd stopped drawing and had lost all inspiration. On a whim I invited him to a walk and sketch day (which surprised me as I had been actively avoiding that exact sort of thing - people/sketching/in public etc)
The rest they say is history. We have been meeting every week for a month now and it is almost if a light bulb has been switched on - not only switched on but changed to a brighter wattage and the walls painted white and a fresh pot of tea brewed!  We meet, walk and talk, have a picnic or pop into a cafe, take photos, sketch en route and discuss what we will draw later. Then at the end of a lovely day, we sketch out and discuss via the magic of messenger (say what you like about certain social media but if used correctly and how it was originally intended, it is such a wonderful way of direct contact and chat when miles apart) we send photos of progress work then share on a #dailysketchchallenge page our work.
And the added bonus? It has got others not only joining in with their art but renewed friendships. Arty folk we'd not heard from or seen since that same October have quietly reappeared, as has their work.
The power of friendship and the power of creativity - never underestimate it.


  1. A lovely and heart warming read and these sketches are beautiful. It never ceases too surprise me the changes we can feel by just reaching out and connecting with others. X

  2. Love the sketches and am so impressed with the improvement made to your elderly gentleman friend's life just by walking, sketching and conversation. Well done. xx

  3. And a new friendship to boot. I've been enjoying making kit for my Morris side with 3 of the other dancers. It's been magical sharing ideas, helping one another and the shared experience of beautiful colours and textures of the fabrics and paints we're using. Arilx

  4. Oh Kate, that post has given me a lump in my throat, with the same sort of struggles. It took me 14 weeks to quilt just one quilt on the big machine, because my heart just isn't in anything at the moment. I love those sketches & glad you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Wishes & hugs to all of you. Take care.

  5. Such an emotional post. It's wonderful that friendships can develop so easily sometimes in times of emotional stress. Your sketches are beautiful. Long my your weekly journeys produce such amazing work and upliftment to you both (and the others who also join in with you).


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