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Lagom Hygge

Another wild day outside, curtains of hail or rain rush by at breakneck speed, crashing into buildings and cars, leaving wet and white sheets of icy pellets. The wind, compliant, throws bedraggled leaves into the air, pulling woolly hats off and tugging at coats and scarves.

A day for inside.
So - I have reached for some comfort crafting - colourful and soft.
I have little monsters in mind ....
I've been comfort baking - peanut and oat crunchies - still soft and warm from the oven, cooling on the rack for this afternoon's knit and natter.
Talking of knit and natter - I must really complete this final mitten, but....
I suspect I will play with colourful fleece instead,
... chat and eat more than I should!

Now, the day ends - as it began - with squally sharp showers reeking havoc with folk scuttling along the pavement trying to get home before the next onslaught.

And yes, no knitting done but plenty of playing (carding) of fleece making it fluffy and ready to create little monsters :)

A day of Lagom Hygge  and it felt good :)



  1. I can't wait to see your monsters! They look adorable. I've never worked with fleece, looks like fun. Those cookies look so yummy! Stay warm!

  2. Oh those little knitting monsters sound like they will be so cute.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your little monsters.
    Nice treats for the knit and natter group.

  4. We all need days like that occasionally, I had one yesterday too :-) xx

  5. I have Lagom Hygge on my kindle and it was a delightful book to read. Your cookies looks delicious! Let's us the "monster" turns out.

  6. It was relaxing watching Kate carding long strands of coloured wool into light, fluffy and fat batts. Those Oat and Peanut butter cookies were delicious. It was very pleasant sitting with like minded friends Knitting and nattering. xx

  7. Hope we get to see those cute monsters? It must be good to knit, natter & nibble. enjoy.


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