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Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post - I am still smiling every time I think of our walk and the murmurations - definitely a walk to mark down as a 'gud'un '.

It was the first trial of the new knitted slouchy hat - not as slouchy as I thought it would be but oh so toasty and snug - no cold ears or head for me on that walk! In fact I was so impressed with how roasty-toasty my head was, I am using up the remaining wool to make matching mittens.

Knitting mittens (with flip top fingertips) will be pushing my knitting ability to the max! The last pair I made and loved and unfortunately lost on a walk - I crocheted - which was a lot easier.

Time to put the kettle on, it is getting light outside - in fact, despite the generally cloudy and dreary weather, it is getting noticeably lighter both in the mornings and evenings - it makes life so much easier :)

I am off to knit and natter this afternoon - would be good to finish the first mitten and get the second one on the go.

Have a lovely Tuesday -- oh oh I nearly forgot! The more eagle eyed of you will have noticed that February's words are up. Have a look at them and hopefully be inspired - some of the words can actually interpreted in different ways - not necessarily the obvious one :D have fun with them xxx

We'll share and show our photos and stories on Friday 28th February..... til then - happy hunting :)

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  1. Did you ever used to keep your mittens attached on a long strand of yarn through your sleeves? I laugh to think about it now but it did save them from getting lost, especially snuggly hand knitted ones.
    Have fun at knit and natter. X

  2. Now they look like they will be very warm and cosy.

    LOL Jules comment, oh yes I did and I also did the same for my children when they were younger. Tried to get my 8 year old granddaughter to do it (quite a few winters, especially with school and lost property), but got 'the look' and it hasn't happened!

  3. I meant to suggest you use tape through your sleeves so as not to lose your new mittens.... I spent some time in the garden today and there is so much bird song. Lovely.


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