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Upside down

Early this morning, a pair of soft brown eyes watched me, willing me to put my coat and boots on and go outside. It was still early though, I still had a mugful of coffee and I was still at that glazed state of stupor triggered by a poor night's sleep. .... You'll just have to wait a little longer ...
 A little later, Eldest stumbled downstairs. Full of sleep he rumbled around the kitchen - firing up the kettle and loading his mug with coffee. Slurping a steaming mug he sunk into the settee. Behind him through the window - sky so blue and clear sang out... 'C'mon, have your breakfast - let's walk now while it is so beautiful'.....
Wrapping up - a little too - warmly, we followed a favourite old farm track, I've not seen such strong shadows for a very long time. The sun was warm on our faces and the air felt light and bright - and dare I say it .... 'it felt like spring'... 
The stone walls, usually coated in a soft mossy covering, now sported an extra coat bristling with fruiting bodies, each little green nodding head glowing in the sunshine. We lingered there for several minutes, trying to capture and do justice to the flourishing mini forests. ... Hang on Moss, we're coming, I need to take photos of your namesake ...

Sheep are more abundant at the moment as farmers have brought their blossoming flocks off the hills and moors in preparation for lambing time. With today's delicious sunshine, the ewes basked like squishy tea cosies, blinking in the bright light. The fields full of their round woolly frames is such a positive sign that spring is really just around the corner ... about time too, I have found this winter to be drab and dreary and draining ...

After a slippery and mud-ridden approach up the long field we stopped at my favourite local trees,. Time to try out crystal ball refraction photography - with the most amazing clarity and effect.
Moss initially feigned interest, watching our antics but soon realised that a small babbling brook next to the trees was far more fun. She paddled and explored and hunted sticks.... throw the stick...throw the stick...throw the stick!...
We tore ourselves away from the trees and continued up the long meadow, up on to Great Hill track. Turning to head back down the track our vista was glorious. It has been a long time since I have seen 'our' valley and the surrounds look so joyous. Recently shrouded in mists and often sulking under dull clouds the village seemed to shrink into the soil, however today the valley sung as loudly and as happily as the birds.

Now home, fortified by tea and cake we have compared and contrasted our photos and we are pleased with our results - long may the heart-breakingly beautiful blue skies last (which sadly I know won't as we are due Storm Ciara soon and we will have to hunker down and weather out the winds) but until then - I shall revel in that most dazzling of blues - the blue of a spring sky. 

Hope you also had gentle blue skies today - they do wonders for the spirit xxxx


  1. Interesting to see the crystal ball. Amazing.

  2. You surely have a beautiful and sweet companion for your walks!! Lovely place for walks! The crystal ball makes interesting photos!

  3. It's been a beautiful day. Trying hard not to hope of spring, knowing the storm is approaching. X

  4. I really, really liked this walk. Today's weather meant one had to get out and walk. Love the fruiting moss and the crystal ball was very interesting. So glad I tagged behind you .....

  5. it is so beautiful where you live...the photos are fantastic and I love the tea-cosy sheep

  6. The crystal ball pics are stunning, what fun to use that on your walk.
    The little mossy seedlings were so lovely to see close up.

  7. Gorgeous Kate & such a talent with your photography that I'm sitting here drooling & going green with envy. I've had a shocker of a year so far with mojo for anything, but you've given me some hope to get myself back together with this post. I've just caught up on my replies for the photo hunt & look forward to the next one when I saw our words. Take care, have a great weekend & huggles.

  8. What a glorious post and super set of photos - how can you not give in to such imploring eyes?

  9. We too thought it felt springlike but felt also it was the calm before the storm. Love the crystal ball pictures. Gorgeous xx

  10. Stunning photos, I have a crystal ball and should try using it more. When the sun is to hot I burned my hand and it can start a fire! so be careful.
    Amanda xx


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