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Leap Year Extra!

Next Saturday is our extra day for the year - 
have you thought how you could spend a whole additional 24 hours?
With it being on the weekend it opens up the options to get out 
and do something different, something fun, something worthwhile!

I think that this is an opportunity not to waste :D 
So to get the ball rolling, 
I am going to list as many things that might just be fun/new/exciting or just different to do on
 Our Extra Day 2020 
and if you think I have left something out ..... just add it in the comments :D

  1. Walk somewhere new to you (weather permitting of course !)
  2. Picnic with some one you love (in the car if the rain is still ... erm..... raining)
  3. See a film that you have been promising yourself
  4. Fish and chips eaten by the coast watching the tide coming in
  5. Start that new project (knitting, wood calving, sketching, belly dancing!)
  6. Get out in the garden and plant bulbs
  7. Sign up for a new course - new language, new skill, learn to be a plumber - other jobs available!
  8. Paint that feature wall in cerise/purple/aquamarine/white or what ever takes your fancy
  9. Find a new job
  10. Resign from the old one
  11. Take up a new hobby - needle felting, cross stitch or archery
  12. Bake a cake - not just any old recipe - that one you have been promising yourself since forever
  13. Invite friends/family and eat that cake (or if you are not for sharing it - scoff it happily)
  14. Go for a road trip - we have an extra day, so take that and add it to the Sunday, take the dog, kids, partner, favourite music and hit the road and sing - loudly
  15. Book a holiday
  16. Catch up with friends you have not seen for a while
  17. Start that book - whether you are going to read it or actually write one - just do it
  18. Get that piercing 
  19. Or that tattoo ..........
  20.  over to you, what can we do to celebrate and make the most of our extra day this year???
Have a lovely weekend and may the sunshine be both outside and within xxx


  1. Such lovely ideas Kate, but with the wind howling outside and rain continuing to lash down, I am tempted to say you forgot to add “build an Ark”


  2. The years when you have 365 unbirthdays not 364!!

  3. I hadn't thought about there being an extra day... but I'm thinking about it now!

  4. I too had not thought of having an extra day. My choice will be quilting! Just about to start a new Project Linus quilt so the extra day will be handy!

  5. Feb 29th is Rare Disease Day...... https://rarediseaseday.org/
    It's also DH's Fathers anniversary so we will be thinking of him and eating a slice of cake to celebrate the wonderful memories he left us with.

  6. Good ideas, but may need more than a day for some, but at least it's a place to start. Hmm, write that book.............maybe I should make some sort of start on that Quilt book, I've had on the back burner for about, ah, 8-10 years. Quilts made, but no pattern writing happening, as I'm just not confident enough. Take care & have a good week. Huggles.

  7. Not thought of having an extra day that way. I will be“ ’n boer maak ’n plan”.
    (translates from Afrikaans as 'a farmer makes a plan'. A very common expression in South Africa. Can't waste that extra day. xxx


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