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Simple pleasures

Outside, despite the initial clear pink and blue skies with the sunrise, a soft mist has descended, fading edges and flattening detail. Trees have become ghostly silhouettes and the sky a washed out pale grey as the mist drifts around, filling the space with a translucent glaze.
The air has a definite sharp nip to it but it has a fresh spring feel to it ... and the birds seem to agree, the garden is full of bird song - lovely.
Inside, I am procrastinating whilst drinking coffee - not a bad way to start the morning. The air is filled with the scent of the hyacinths. The aroma seems to travel around the room - not filling it with the heady perfume like lilies do - more of a gentle ribbon of sweet scent drifting around filling the space with fragrance.
Enough now, coffee done, things to do, people to meet up with, places to go - have a lovely Wednesday xx


  1. The petals on the hyacinth are so striking with their striped detailing. Arilx

  2. Hyacinths are my absolute favourite flower...I love them.

  3. Your hyacinth is blooming lovely.

  4. What an inviting little path . . . {{smile}}


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