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Sunny Sunday, Wet Walks and Dilly Dog

Do you hibernate, bake a heavenly scented fruit cake, drink tea and crochet, ignore the banshee-esque wind sounds while she screams and shrieks around the house, rattling her sabre and the trees as the rain is flung about like mini darts..... or
Do you shake a defiant fist at the weather, 
don every-water-proofed-item you have and 
step out into the horizontal rain ...
 ..then lean into the wind at a gravity-defying angle....
.....or both.

Which is what we did.
And were rewarded by the most glorious snippets of sunshine.

 Himself and I, heads bowed, hats and hoods jammed on tight trudged into the wind along the Leeds to Liverpool canal, mud squelching and puddle hopping as we went along.
We found a sheltered spot against a sun-warmed wall and hunkered down
as the third member of our walking pack
took a quick dip (or five... )
Leaping in and out with such a happy face,
she was not the only one who grinned that day.
Despite the fact it was not an easy walk,
it was a really really good one

Sunday was one of the better days we have had recently courtesy of a very cantankerous weather system hurling abuse over the small isles that we live on.


  1. Oh, be still my heart. Your pictures of She.Who.Is.Part.Otter are so wonderful. Well done for getting out, looks like you have had more breaks in the weather than us.

  2. Always go out. Just to breathe clean fresh air. Good for the soul - and the dog loves it!

  3. I loved this post... that's a great photo of your walking partner shaking off the water!

  4. Someone looks like they had a fun time despite mother natures efforts to hamper your walk.

  5. Lovely photos - it is good to know there is someone who will always love being outdoors, in any weather!
    Best wishes

  6. The expression on Moss's face says 'Are you coming in too?'.

  7. What a lovely picture of Moss. She is definitely asking you to join her. Water looks cold though!!! xx

  8. Oh, you beautiful dilly dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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