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Thursday's thoughts

Thursday is a thundering it down rain day.... or that is what it seems to be today.

I have temporarily made peace with the weather and am making good used of the enforced hibernation time. Which is strange, for not so long ago, I would have relished the excuse to curl up on the settee and pretend that the world outside did not exist. However now, as it begins to get lighter in the mornings and tiny hints of spring quietly appear I can feel the urgency of new beginnings, the unfurling of minute leaf tips, the building of nests, the greening of the fields and want to respond.

I want colour and warmth and creativity - so what better way than to crochet another blanket - to tide me over until spring truly starts and summer sends a post card saying she is on her way.

Until then.....
I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a pile of rehomed stash - in so many shades of blue 

Yarn cakes beginning to form,
to take over and
give me colour option ideas. 
 Nearly all wound, still more to do, but I best get on - can hear the kettle calling.
It is still raining..................


  1. Gosh it did rain today! As I type I can see some blue sky but not rain! Yes being forced to stay indoors has its benefits! Your pile of wound yarn looks like a blanket is about to be hatched. Keep crafting! x

  2. That colour is a feat for the eye, and probably the soul too. Also forced to be indoors, I have been playing with colour and messing with fabric the last couple of days, which has been fun.

    So far today we have had ~torrential~ rain, persistent rain, sunshine, hail/snow, and now it is bright again.

    1. Finger trouble - that was meant to be FEAST for the eyes . . .

  3. Oh dear, your weather really is frightful & you are definitely making the best of it. Love the variety of blues which reminds me of DH's ripple rug I made some years ago. Very bleak here this morning as I eat breakfast and 14deg, which isn't too bad, though it would normally be warmer than this in February and it rained overnight. Take care, stay warm and dry. Huggles.

  4. Cake .... with no calories! They do looks so lovely, its going to be a beautiful blanket.

  5. All those gorgeous shades of blue... I can't wait to see your blanket!

  6. Those shades are gorgeous. I'm longing for the days when the sky is that colour. X

  7. Love the wound up balls, waiting to be created into another beautiful blanket. Look forward to watching it grow. x


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