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Mud, murmurations and a mutt.

Saturday was a day for memories and mini-adventures and murmurations.

It was a day for happy huffing and a muddy mutt. 
Finding and posing in woodland dens...
...on woodland board walks...
And woodland tracks. 
How very appropriate!

 Then, as we approached where we had hoped to see the murmurations...
The sky filled with small black whirling and twirling dots, 
making knots and trails and mounds of birds. 

The rush of wings as they flew over head was just magical. 

 We drank coffee and finished our picnic down on the bay as the final shreds of light slipped into the inky black sea. It felt good, it felt cathartic.
Himself and I (and Moss of course) had a wonderful day 
walking, talking, watching, taking photos and collecting sticks...
you can decide who did which...

Hope your weekend was good, filling you with love and warmth
(and in my case mud !)


  1. A murmuration of starlings - it looked mesmerising. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday.
    Best wishes

  2. I saw a murmuration yesterday but since there were only about 120 starlings, it was pathetic! Moss is having a great life. She is so photogenic!

  3. So wish I could walk further. Thanks for taking us with you.

  4. Love the close-up of the swan but my favourite just has to be the first one of Moss :-)

  5. Would love to see a murmuration. :)

  6. WOW .... amazing. Moss looks great on guard in the den of sticks.

  7. Happy hound indeed - it is a precious thing to share.

    Once saw a really big murmuration, not a million miles from you, we were near Tebay. It is an amazing experience.


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