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A day of many halves.

As I type, the sky is a pale sepia, bordering on lemon yellow and the window pane is dashed with raindrops - another wet and wild day. Two storms in quick succession seem to be lingering like a dreaded lurgy no one can shake.
There are more puddles than a entire flotilla of ducks and my dog can deal with and they seem to multiply and grow by the hour. Some have been rumoured to have swallowed entire cars in one gulp (I may be exaggerating here but it is artist licence!)
Yet, yet, when the sun deigns to appear, a warm and fuzzy glow wraps around everything. The earth steams gently hinting at heat hazes along barely humid muddy tracks. I am still wrapped up like Nanook of the North and still very aware that there is a sharp nip (and ice-crackingly cold breeze) in the air. But ..... the sun - such a tease. 
Already full streams and ponds are bulging with surplus rainwater, fit to flood at one more cloud burst, swollen and sullen and noisy. 
Rain falls as hail and snow pellets on higher ground, crunching underfoot and looking like crystalline polystyrene balls as they roll across the moorland grasses - the wind lifting them and hurling them in to the air .... and my face.  
Every now and then, a small flash of colour, of promise and of hope give me ... hope .... hope that the weather calms down, that villages dry out, that the water recedes, that folk can get their homes back and that despite knowing that it is late winter and it is still some time off being warmer - that this driech and dreary weather will end. 
I have had quite enough walking a dilly dog whilst wearing what feels like every duvet I own and still being cold whilst leaning into a strong breeze when I trudge around the village struggling to find a reasonably passable pathway - I think I am ready for a bit of nicer weather - what do you think? Too much to ask?


  1. Yes please. I would dearly love some sunshine and dry days, although Lily and I did have fun splashing in puddles yesterday. The wind was roaring through the trees. X

  2. Hopefully spring in a more gentle way will come soon!

  3. I too vote for better weather and wall-to-wall sunshine, please, please, please.

  4. I think we really, really need better weather :). It looks as if you have worse than us (no hail here) but good to see the In-House Otter continuing to enjoy herself. Your last photo is fabulous. XX

  5. We definitely need more sun. Winter has been dark, dreary and cold this year.

  6. Oh Kate, you definitely need some sunshine. Could say to pop over here as it is summer, but as I sit & type this, the sky is grey & sullen and only 16deg outside. We've had (in our area) 100mm so far this month which is quite amazing & it's been so muggy, it's like living in the tropics when we've had some sunshine. That 1st photo is wonderful & of course I love the second one with the stone gate looking out across the countryside. Hope your weather perks up soon. Take care & huggles.

  7. Mother Nature has certainly sent some challenging weather to us all recently.
    You captured some wonderful scenes on your walk.

  8. Yes time we had some decent weather. I did see some daffodils that were showing a wee bit of yellow rather than just the green pencils. Roll on spring. xx


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