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February's photos and stories

February - soggy soggy February,  you have lingered long enough - time to look for brighter skies, less mud and warmer days!
However, until then .... February's words and photos for your perusal :)

Folk who've followed my blog for some time will know that every February I used to feature a heart themed post every day for the entire month - and as a result, all year round I would 'have to collect' images of hearts in preparation for the next February. I eventually stopped as I found it it harder to find new and different hearts and stories to go with them. Then, today, while I was searching through my archives I rediscovered a few photos I have never used before - and this one was perfect ' Meet Bob ❤️ Mabel!!

A hole in a favourite jumper - a repair not to be invisible but to be decorative! I used 'Lancashire's smallest Loom' to fill this hole and two others - one on a sleeve and one near the hem.

Not my photo - one from Eldest's collection from a university trip to Spain. The students had stopped for a lunch break from an all day flora survey when a cat turned up and was rather hopeful to share in the picnic. I love the way his tail is slinking around that lad's back :)

One summer holiday, we stayed in a cottage, Kyloe Woods, Northumberland and the decor was themed in an American homestead style with lots of painted cast iron features, including this key rack in the kitchen.

On Thursday I was walking with a friend and we stopped off at a pretty little waterfall. Along the path, growing out of the cliff edge was a mature tree that, over the years, had its roots exposed and undercut by the river. I tried to trace one or two however they were so tangled and knotted together - it seemed impossible.

My own choice
So .... No heavy petting, no bombing and no parking ......

okaaa--aay ....... steps back quietly and leaves before the locals notice I have been there ....


  1. Kate, I love your photos. I too went looking in my old heart folder & also found one I'd not used, also a rock. How quirky is that! Great repair with a colourful slant & you've 2 tails...the cat & that rooster. Your knotted root is fascinating & I also thought of knots in timber, but I showed one recently for Oops. The sign would have to be my favourite. Certainly, boggles the brain - smile!!!
    Thanks for this hunt, take care & huggles.

  2. Lovely set of photos, I too have a rock somewhere in the garden that has a heart shape in it.

  3. I love that sign - thank you for the rainy morning smile.
    Haven't cats got a great way of making themselves part of the group - I'm with you lads.
    And I love your knots and keys and hearts but the repair is just beautiful - that trend for visible repairs is making me very happy these days.
    Thanks for this monthly peruse Kate.

  4. I love all your photos and stories, so interesting and amusing (which is what I need to read and see on yet another soggy day here). I wonder how Bob and Mabel are doing these days... Favourite has to be that sign! x

  5. Love all your choices, especially that lovely cat's tail and your key holder from the Kyloe cottage is lovely. xx

  6. That sign is rather curious as to their choices of what not to do! Arilx

  7. Great selection this month.
    What a sign!

  8. I love finding hearts, but it's few and far between. Clever repair, makes it original. Sweet kitty! At first I though your knot was some kind of scary animal! No fun going on down that road.


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