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Happy (Blue) Friday!

Another gorgeous blue sky day - we awoke to a frosty nip to the air. The wind has arrived, still gentle, still teasing and not showing (yet) it's full promised potential - long may this benign moment last :)
I just popped in to say thank you for your kind comments from yesterday and to wish you a lovely weekend. Also to add a gentle reminder that next Friday (14th February) is not only Valentine's day but I will be posting up a Five on Friday - Gratitude link up too.

If you are new to this or have decided you might like to join - think on five things that have made your day that little more nice. That perfect coffee, this beautiful sunshine we have been getting, that rain you desperately need. It could be a word from a friend or even a stranger that made you glow or it could be a book you have read, cover to cover and it has left you feeling different.

Then, next Friday, post about your 'Five on Friday - Gratitude' and come and leave your link so other folk can pop in and visit and share in your gratitudes.
It is a gentle way to realise that despite all that is going on, all that is hurtful, hateful and saddening, there are small spotlights of happiness and gratitude which make a real difference as you journey through your day.

Have yourselves a lovely weekend xxxxx


  1. Lovely thoughtful post Kate & I'll try & join in too. I was going to post last night, but we had an enormous thunderstorm, so that stopped me in my tracks. Is that a red squirrel I see? Hope you have more sunshine for the weekend &take care.

  2. Rather foggy on the school run this morning and certainly frosty and cold.
    Cute squirrel peeking pic.

  3. I hope the imminent storm doesn't create too much havoc. Beautiful photographs. X

  4. I think you have enjoyed more blue sky than us. Stay safe in these dreadful winds. X

  5. Love the squirrel peeping out from the hole in the tree. Almost completely camouflaged. xx


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