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A breath of fresh air and another 52newrecipe

 What to make to eat when uninspired and tired?

  • Something simple - coz head still a bit fuzzy post vaccine
  • has to be tasty  - that's obvious
  • and preferably slow cooked - means I can sit down while it quietly bubbles away

Meet Easy Vegan (don't let that put you off) Pasta Sauce

Today was the first day of the gentle easing of lock down restrictions and as we were both off from work, we quietly packed the van with boots, flasks and home made ANZac biscuits**, loaded an over excited dog plus her towel, lead, poop bags and dog biscuits, made sure we had a fleece and hat each and we took off to the Dales to a favourite walking place.

Grass Wood, Grassington.  
There was a few other dog walkers about and we all did the covid two step and smiled with shared relief at being able to walk a little further away than the front door. 
I'd had my vaccine on Saturday morning and anticipated feeling a little rough but by the evening it hit me harder than I expected and I felt quite rubbish until late Sunday evening. By Monday I only felt a little delicate with a rather tender arm. So going for a walk felt like a wonderful (and gentle) way to celebrate being vaccinated.

Suffice to say, once we'd returned home, we were ready for something to eat but I really did not want to spend ages over a stove when I was feeling rather tired.
I tapped into my favourite 'cookbook' - Duckduckgo - 'simple vegetarian pasta sauce'.  After rejecting a few recipes, I hit on this one ... Easy Vegan Pasta Sauce and decided that this would the one to try.
Once the sauce was simmering away, I sat down with a mug of tea to look at the photos from today's walk. A delicious scent soon filled the kitchen then the lounge - a promising start! 🥰

Once the sauce was done and was stirred into the spaghetti and topped with grated cheese, we sat in satisfied silence as we ate. We agreed - this is a definite repeat.

If you fancy trying the recipe - the link is HERE.
Would I do it again? Most definitely
What did I do differently? The recipe calls for peppers, which I thought I had and didn't - so I swapped in mushrooms and I think I will stick with them as we really liked it.

**ANZac Biscuits - they will be a recipe for another day :)

And (because I know you are about to ask) 
Yes that is a slinky look from Moss ... she is fed up with me poking a camera at her. 
Yes she is wrapped in her towel after swimming in the river.
 And she sat on that wall, wrapped in her towel and had her evening meal in the sunshine while we drank mugs of tea - silly dog...!



  1. Lovely photo's of Moss. Your pasta dish sounds lovely and I may just have to have a go with that myself. I'm always looking for something that can be bubbling away whilst I am in the garden so that not much effort is needed when I'm done.


    1. It was very simple and ended up being very tasty - best bit was the 20 minute simmering that allowed me a brew and down time!

  2. I don't know about you but I felt a bit naughty travelling a little farther this week. Still, it's a blessing being able to avoid crowded areas.
    This sounds tasty, I really should make my own pasta sauce more often. I've yet to try the pasta bake but I've printed out the recipe. X

    1. I agree about travelling a little further - it did feel rather naughty and we talked about how easy it was to become institutionalised - and that was with our agreement and done by a government hopefully working 'for the greater good', can you imagine if it was under a dictatorship and travel was expressly forbidden - how wrong would that feel when travelling?

  3. I know the feeling about travelling a bit further than usual and it does feel a bit naughty. Moss is so entertaining. I too would have sat on the wall in the sunshine having my snack, well wrapped up of course! x


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