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Granny Inkster's Oatcakes/52 New Recipes

We took a rather cool and overcast walk this afternoon where, despite me lugging my camera along, no photos were taken. There is quite a dreary-ness about, a tired post winter colourless look to the countryside. It is amazing how much difference a little sunshine makes to a weary landscape.

As we were on the return leg of our walk I decided that we needed to have something freshly baked to look forward too and scones were suggested.  Once home and oven on, I decided to make not only the scones (seems silly not to utilise the heat of the oven) but to try another new to me recipe.

We like our Scottish style oat based biscuits and have a couple of favourite recipes we reach for each time. I made the 'brave' decision to try a different one.  To be honest - it is not that different but it was still a new to me version of an 'oat cake' and I love the recipe's name ..... Granny Inkster's Shetland Oatcakes 😊

And we rather enjoyed it! I am afraid no photos of the scones - they were scoffed before I even thought about taking any pictures. They were, I promise, rather good with lashings of butter and blackberry jam and did not last long.

So, without any further ado - Granny Inkster's Shetland Oatcakes

Will I make them again? : Probably yes, no reason why not. The other recipes do not require an egg where as this one does, so it would depend on what was in the cupboard

Were there any amendments? No - for a change! I stuck to the recipe and see no reason why it should be altered. 

Any hoo, enough waffle from me, it is the end of the weekend and I have a mug of tea waiting for me - here is to the start of a gentle week - stay safe xxxx

52 New Recipes 



  1. Printed off to make!

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Nothing makes a grey, dreary day brighter than something from the oven!

  3. These types of biscuits do not really appeal to me; not sweet enough? I have to agree that the name sounds homely. x


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