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Moss iz here,

thought I would put paw to keyboard whilst I wuz waitin'
its fur my humuns to has their lunch.

Yesterday I tooks my humuns for a walk coz they did nothing most of the day, 
well it seemed to me they dids nofink. 
Although there wuz yummy smells from the kitchen and try as I might, 
every time I visits the kitchen, I wuz sent out!
Any ways after I tolds them with my eyes (loudly)
that it wuz times fur a walk, they finally gots the message!
 Thank woof fur that!
They mades me wait toooooo long wen they puts their pawcoverings on,
extra pelts and silly hats, where's the fun in dat?
The rains and winds wuz ace!
My humuns wuz wrapped up so I coulds hardly sees them - how silly is dat?
They can't feels the rain on their fur or their faces like dat!
I rans around - faster than da wind, I could feelz it at my tail,
it coulds not catch me !
Oh my dog - the puddles!
The muds! the winds!
 and the fallen sticks and everyfink - 
wuz brill! I loves dit!
Da bes bit wuz havin' a swim to wash off all dat mud 🐾🐕‍🦺
Then, when I relented and led my shivering humuns home, they rubbed me dry wivs a towel and let me sit by the fire and gets some treats - oh my woof, wot a good way to spend an afternoon.
Then, woofaroonie! I gets a new toy - HaPpY Me!!

Woulds I stand still for a photo - course not!
I has to play!

Kate here - apologies for the fuzzy photos at the end - Moss was so giddy and could not keep still when I tried to take her photo.....
Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as Moss did hehehehe!


  1. Love the story Moss. Glad you had a a good day with your humans

    Julie xxxxx

  2. It's a dog's life isn't it Moss. It's definitely crazy how humans have to put all that stuff on before they go out though, it takes forever! Hugo. X

  3. Absolutely adorable and what a brilliant idea to write from Moss's point of view. Good luck with your new projects and heartfelt thanks for everything you've done to keep us all going during the lockdowns. Bx

    1. Thanks Belinda, I am not vanishing, just stepping down and Astrid is kindly taking on the photo challenge, I have so many things going on at the moment that something had to go. x

  4. Dear Moss, Be patient with them darling! Your humans are doing their best! Amanda x

  5. Moss you is wonderful; your worms our great and you got the humuns out; yes they is wimps with paw coverings and the rest; you looked beutiful with yur mud make up. A new toy fur you two, what a great lif you has. x from yur friend who tickls yur tum with her foot.... x

    1. 🐕‍🦺🐾fankoo to the lady wiv the tickles on the tum with her foot!

  6. Dear Moss. Yr Grandee here. Luvd seeng yu yestrda evn if you jus ran in an outa flat to chek. Lovd havng yr hoomans brief visit and t'lovly goodees they bourt wiv thm. Hope to see ya again soon. 🦴🐶🐺🧶 pss lov ur nu toi.

    1. 🐕‍🦺🐾fanks! wuz jus checkin' your kitchen floor - coz Iz good at doing the licking of the floors!

  7. Good girl Moss, getting them out for a walk. Bet you had woofy fun & made them laugh too. Glad you got to see your older folk & took your minders with you (above). I enjoy your posts & always end up smiling for the rest of the day. Yours too Kate. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  8. Loved this post! Have a great week!

  9. You did well to get your hoomans out for a walk Moss, it looks like you had a great time and you got a new toy at the end of it too - happy days! :)


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