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10 on the way to a small island heaven

10th December.

There is a jewel of an island near the peninsular of Kintyre. A small gem in an azure sea. With brilliant white sands and dark black rock. Where silkyfat seals slip through water as skiffs bob the waves skippered by nutbrown weather beaten locals. 

I fell in love with this brave little lump of land, loved and occupied by fiercely independent and desperately-trying-to-be self sufficient people who's only link to the outside world is a  rusty ferry with an engine sporting an asthmatic wheeze.

Ah - Gigha* - I left a piece of my heart with you.

*Prounounced Gear to rhyme with here

And - here is something completely silly Grandma got run over by a reindeer


  1. I love the sound of that island, followed the link and it looks gorgeous

  2. Just revisited the island via its link. No wonder youngest wants to move there! Am I to take a hint and avoid the eggnog and watch out for reindeer?


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