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23....walking in Wycoller

23rd December.
Chrimbly day is overmorrow (love that word)

S'funny what you see when you are walking.......wonder why there is a painted number on the tar?

We needed to get out and get some air, after a week of rain, work and school we all felt a little stir crazy. Every year I write cards for friends in the village and we then set off walking and deliver them. So today, we did that, only we extended the walk to include the villages of Winewall, Cottontree and Wycoller.

It was a super muddy blustery walk. It was just what we needed.

When we finally got back we stripped off our muddy leggings and boots and put on the kettle and reached for the mince pies - what a good way to end a wintery walking day.


  1. We did a cold and blustery walk to town and back yesterday and really enjoyed blowing the cobwebs out. I love the contrast from the warm stuffiness of the house, and then love getting back to being snug again.

  2. Merry Merry Christmas Hawthorn....have a wonderful time with your family!

    Amanda :-)


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