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One two three four 5!

5th December.

Only 26 days till the end of the year - hasn't 2012 gone really quickly!

Today's count down number is 5. Not much to chat about them though, both are snapped when we're out walking.
Railway bridges are always good for numbers, even bridges from disused lines. Despite there being no track, the bridges are often well maintained.

I have managed to get some crochet done and seeing it was for a birthday and has already been un-wrapped, I can now share and show. I was a bit at a loss what to do as the birthday recipient is a dear friend with a beautiful home filled with treasures and products of her crafting. I had been doing a blog-catch up and one blog I pop into regularly is  Bunny Mummy. She had just blogged a happy happy post about some hearts she had made. So I followed her link to ....HERE. Using this pattern for inspiration, I made three hearts. Each one a little smaller than the last.

 I stuffed and embellished them and turned them into a hanging thingy to hang from a door handle.

I am rather pleased with them, especially as I managed to whip them up in a couple of hours. I'd forgotten how quick crochet really is.

Please excuse posting, I am very tired and there seems to be no let up just yet. I think I am just about running on empty - never mind, it will pass. I am off to try and do some knitting, got a craft fayre to get ready for and am way way way behind. Oh yes, then there is Yarnival to sort out, various chrimbly parties and gatherings to soldier through, gifts to make/finish/start.

Oh, before I go - this song above all other festive style music is the one that is synonymous with my childhood chrimbly time. My mom would put on this old vinyl and we'd listen to the crackling and hissing and love every minute of it....And what was that song? Well, you'd have to go HERE to find out!

What is your 'track from chrimbly time?'
What takes you back to your childhood?
Go on, spill the beans xx


  1. the hearts are lovely, I too can't show things as they wll b epresents. My dearest Christmas memories are all about my Dad, he made it special

  2. The hearts are wonderful; must give them a go.....

    Childhood memories are when I lived in Southampton and the summers were long and hot and thundery. The tar on the road would melt and I'd poke at it with sitcks.... I cannot remember the winters there. I only lived there 2 years but they stick in my mind the most.

  3. My memories of Christmas around the World with Bing is Carol of the Bells!! Love it. Memories of wrapping presents to it. Will have to dig it out again this year, crackles and all! Memories too of it being so hot that things were melting on the table! That was in the evening too! Could do with a bit of that heat now!


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