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An invigorating winter's walk

A post-chrimble-prandial walk was called for today. The weather has kept us indoors far longer than we liked.

'By 'eck it were fresh.....' I think the rain went in one ear and out the other at one point.

We walked up to our local grounds where there is a sizeable lake across the football fields. It has steadily grown larger over the last few weeks and it won't be long before it will start to have tides..... How the local footie teams have carried on playing I have no idea.

We eventually blew home and recovered with mugs of tea. 

Despite the enforced battening down of the hatches, we have been busy one way or another.

Turning our chrimbly cards into gift tags for next year. This year has been the first ever that I've not done it - Eldest offered and created a huge pile of tags. He did a really good job too.
Before -  with just the back of the card removed

After - one card making 3 very different tags

I've been playing with some of my chrimbly pressies - a yarn bowl from a colleague (a leaving gift) and yarn from my fav-sis-in-law. 

Lovin' it!

Our chrimbly was a lovely quiet family orientated one. 

I'll end here, got things to finish and the washing up to do, early start tomorrow - I'm the only one working New Year's Eve - my three boys are still off!

So NOT Fair!!


  1. Just where do you find all the time to make everything look wonderful and still craft and work? I love fav sister-in-law's yarn in your new WIP; colours look awesome. Is it to be a shawlette?

    1. Can't take any credit - we had our meal with Mum and Dad and Jak and Sis-in-law did the table. My own contribution was to supply the appetite and the sparklers!

    2. Well done to everyone then who together made a lovely meal; I think you provided the best elements though! On reflection you might not be making a shawlette as I can see you are using DPNs...

  2. Lovely Christmas memories. x


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