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13,14,15 and festive creativity!

Life seems to have been running faster than I can keep up, so will try to make amends and do a bit of a catch up.

Firstly 13.

Snaking it's way over and around the Kintyre is a national footpath. A secretive and wild one, linking both coastlines and covering most of the inland following a contorted route. Dotted along the way are waymarkers, painted blue with a loopy design down them. It took me a while to realise what the squiggly pattern was representing....

It is the Paps of Jura (the hills of Jura), a rugged island off the Scottish mainland used mainly now for deer stalking by the well heeled and deep pocketed minority. It boasts a population of about 180-ish islanders


Found by Eldest who took my camera and started taking photos, he was thinking of it for my heart-a-thon in February rather than the number, I saw the number!

We spent a delightful sunny morning last year wandering around vintage vehicles in the market town of Kirby Stephen. It was warm and bright and full of glossy coated shiny shiny cars and trucks. A most enjoyable day out was had by all.

Those who are regular visitors to my wafflings will remember that once yearly a group of us get together to make our festive wreaths, bowers and table decorations. This year was no different.

There was much cutting and tying of festive foliage, sprinkling of glitter and adding of ribbon. Of course there was the obligatory nibbling and drinking of tea and the usual dreadful assortment of seasonal music.

Once again, it was a successful afternoon.

So, now my front door is adorned by a heart shaped ivy and holly covered wreath. Time to put up the rest of  our decorations x

Have a lovely weekend my dears (I can hear my little Gran's voice saying that in my head as I type it), I've got another busy day tomorrow - we - Yarnival, have been invited to hold a stall at a 'Handmade Craft Fayre'.We shall sell our wares and hand out leaflets to advertise our next woolly adventure. Will post some photos and updates on the Yarnival site some time this weekend,

Oh yes, new job Monday..... ooh err!


  1. A lovely post. Good luck for Monday, hope it all goes well for you, a great time to start a new job. A new job for the new year!

  2. Good luck on Monday, exciting. Hope you have a relaxing and happy Sunday. Xx

  3. Love the sideways way markers - you were clever to recognise what it is. Good fun yesterday. I see some familiar ones there - I see the postie will just be able to find your letterbox this year! x

  4. Love your holly wreath, and reading your post. Good luck for Monday!


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