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22 and our solstice celebrations

We normally try to celebrate winter solstice on the 21st, but this year with one thing or another we delayed it to tonight.

Himself and I have spent a happy afternoon and early evening cooking and chatting while the boys wrapped gifts.

I tried with the boys help, to make a 22 for today's number but despite the repeated tries, the giggles and me trying to fine tune my camera - we came up with this.....

Himself had seen only a night or two ago Jamie Oliver's Best ever mince pies and was inspired. They were delicious - I was so so impressed. 
they are were so so yum!


  1. Your imagination and photo edititing skills were sparkling when you came up with today's number :-D (sorry - terrible, I know)

    Those mince pies look scrum. OH did a Paul Hollywood batch yesterday which weren't that impressive so think we'll give JO a spin next time.

  2. Love the sparkler (please confirm they were sparklers) 22! Very imaginative of you but then you are so creative. Mince pies look good; in fact any mince pie is good provided pastry is kept to a minimum and mince meat to max!


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