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20 - 21

Ooops - guess what I didn't do last night!
So here is a bit of a catch up session.

Yesterday, as I left work, I was buffeted and blown across the car park. I'd pulled my hood down square over my eyes to keep off the ice-cold rain only to have the wind catch the hood, flip it backwards, exposing my head to squally showers and dashing my hair into my eyes. Within two steps the wind 'kindly' replaced my hood back onto my head - dumping a load of captured rain water down the back of my head and neck - gee thanks..... I think....

In the car, fingers gripping the steering wheel I aqua-planed home with the rest of the traffic. Windscreen wipers working frantically and the demister on full to try and keep some form of visibility.

What a relief to be home.

It was our knit and natter festive get together last night, there was much jollity and nibbling going on. We did our secret santa, each secreting a present into a bag but leaving a wool and bead 'tail' sticking out. We then went and chose a tail, pulling out a gift.
I did really well getting two delicious balls of Silenzio Color. Now need the time to make something with them, I think I spent a fair bit of the evening fondling them - oops.

For my contribution I'd knitted a scarf ages ago leaving me nearly bursting with the need to post the photos but as it had to remain a secret I had really button my lip!

The cutest secret santa pressie had to be a box full of crochet owl tree ornaments.....

......crocheted by a 15 year old! Aren't they so cute! I love the silly expressions they have :)

Another lovely secret santa pressie (which had been made in an afternoon!) was this cable knitted cushion - it was so soft.

There were other pressies, but I didn't get any photos! Sorry! It was a lovely evening with lovely friends and family - I am very very lucky xx


Winter Solstice.
The turning of the seasons.
The return of the sun.

The beginning.


  1. Awesome owls! You did well at the swap...and that shawl is gorgeous!

  2. I love the orange owl, great expression and I'm so impressed by the cable knit cushion

  3. The owls (made by the talented 15 year old)and the scarf you made were the bestest pressies; don't ask me to vote for only one of them as it is very hard. It was a great night and such good fun; thanks for organising it.


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