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A new day.

Welcome 2013.
For us it came with a quiet whisper rather than a bang - just like we like it.

I was working New Year's Eve during a biblical proportioned deluge. Clattering hail almost deafening us, making communication virtually impossible.
Driving home was interesting.
Huge transitionary fords dashed across the road from one saturated field to another. Columns of cars were halted as drivers cautiously went through these fast flowing waters. Through the dusk I could make out flooded fields and swollen rivers and at one point the River Ribble had burst it's banks and the lapping edges were tickling the margins of the road.

I was glad to get home.

This afternoon we were needing to get out and get some fresh air - despite the weather we set off. Clouds whirled around and icy sharp rain stung our cheeks. We battled up the lane with our heads down. Himself and I caught each other eye - time to turn back.

Back in the car we drank tea and nibbled shortbread as we looked at the flooded valley.


  1. How amazing, we had brilliant sunshine yesterday and yet you in another part of the country had it gloomy!
    Happy new year, look forward to reading your blog in 2013!

  2. What a watery landscape. You were definitely better off in the car with tea and nibbles than in that cold icy rain. x

  3. We went out to see my sister in Otley the other day; there were so many big 'puddles' in a lot of the fields. Roads were clear. Day 2 and it is still raining here.


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