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Lunch time walk

A walk in a few words

A snowy seat - facing a lovely view - too cold to stop for long

A brave push for spring - a bit too early
Flowers, for someone gone but not forgotten
A slippery lane - perfect for a lunch break walk
Young blue faced Leicesters watching me watching them
How long had this gate lingered here?
Time to turn around - got to get back to work, the weather is turning and I am bitterly cold

the lane back to Settle


And I wore my new knitted hat - it is super warm and I am super happy with it - just need to get some photos to show. More snow is predicted this weekend so I shall certainly taking my hat for a walk.


  1. Mmmm looks chilly!
    No snow here - as yet!!!!!

  2. What a lovely place to work. Walks look like you are in the middle of the countryside, miles from anywhere but when you turn round, there are houses in the distance. Love the blue faced Leicesters - think it is the ears, so alert, that are fascinating. xx

  3. Your walks are perfect for me; all the joy of walking whilst sitting warm next to my PC! Please keep walking and telling us about it.


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