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knitting and frogging

Remember this?
Well, it became this..............

Why? well, I followed the instructions to the T. The width of the scarf when I cast on seemed a bit - well too wide, but once the cabelling kicked in - it became - well - too narrow. Very, very, very narrow. And HARD. Such a 'strong' fabric that it could stand up for itself!!  

So, frogging number one happened. Larger needles. Almost identical ending, only STRONGER!

SO - frogging no. 2 occurred.

Same needles, with an additional 12 stitches to make an whole cable patten extra. This should have worked. But didn't.

Not only do you have to cable the knitting but the entire scarf is also knit with a K1 P1 repetition to make the scarf have two 'fronts'. And for some reason, I could not make it work with the additional 12 stitches.

Yup - you guessed it - 
Frogging no. 3.

So....New pattern, new needle size, double the ply. Try again. And?

Yup...frogging no 4.

Now, new needles, reduce the ply and...and...and?
sssshhh - so far so good..............but time will tell :)

PS...edited to add - I have since frogged that back too........COMPLETE change of mind and design.....trying something else (AGAIN!)


  1. I'll say it again - good job you love the wool!! Well done for persevering!!

  2. Oh dear we both seem to be in the same place with our knitting!
    I'm now on my 3rd attempt.
    We must not give up!!

  3. What a time you are having.... I can see you deciding to gift the yarn ball to Pan to play with as you sound on the verge of being very fed-up with it. Then think of all the lovely photos you can take of her and the yarn and post them on your blog..... perhaps not.


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