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Guess what I have?!

I have my own *LYS!!

Oh the envy I have felt over the years of reading other bloggers bragging about their lys.

Lys this and lys that....yadda yadda yadda.

Now - I have one.... less than 100 yards from where I work. 


Only thing is - I have had such a dreadful lurgy that I've not had the energy to lift my knitting needles, however I did manage to buy some yarn (for medicinal purposes you understand).....

*lys - Local Yarn Store


  1. So sorry to read you have the lurgy but I can recommend a daily visit to a lys to cure it. If only I could reach in and feel your medicine!

  2. I think there's a lot of lurgy's about! Some colder weather is called for, that'll kill the bugs AND put us all in the mood to knit a thick woolly jumper!

  3. Your own LYS - lucky you. Best we have is either a LCS* or a very pricey wool shop and even they need a car to access. Hope lurgy fading, and wip growing. xx

    *Local Charity Shop


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