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In which one more layer of clothing would not have gone amiss....

Himself decided that, as this was possibly the last bit of decent snow of the season, we should set off over the fields and hills for walk up on the moors on Saturday.

The lanes were filled to the brim with drifting snow, thick and deep. We watched a while as a tractor excavated a way down to the village.

We met some sheep that had just been fed - they were not about to give up their meal, so I was able to get some lovely close faces.
 We continued up a track through a farm we know - the depth of the snow in their lane amazed the boys but in reality it must have been quite isolated up there for a day or two.

 I love the monochrome contrasts that water and snow create.
Something small that made me smile :) We have been walking this route on and off since 1989, but this was the first time we noticed this latch. Was it recently added? Or has it always been there and we have been blind to it's charm and quirky use? 
Who knows.

As beautiful as it was, I was very cold. Youngest and I both got wet feet (the snow was slushy and we dropped into a hidden stream, soaking through our boots) and the last bit of our walk was a bit of a struggle.

Once home there was nothing like a steaming pot of tea and home made sticky toffee ginger cake to make things better, aah - yum xx


  1. Saw where the tractor had been but were not as lucky as you to see it!!! In some ways I am sad to see the snow go as it brightens up the world in what is generally a dull and drab month. I am amazed at ow quick it has melted overnight .

  2. Now that's snow! I'm not surprised you needed hot tea and cake when you got home, you deserved it! Lovely images.

  3. What a lot of snow! We didn't have anywhere near as much as that in Essex. Hope you enjoyed your walk, your photos as always are amazing!


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