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Box of delight (a prickly one)

Still on the quest to reduce and declutter, I brought a box home to start putting in things to take to the charity shop.

Except someone small and grumpy (coz I kept lifting her out of the box) decided that the box is HERS! 

Her look says it all - remove me at your peril................


  1. Did you dare?
    What is it with cats and boxes?

  2. Previous was me, signed into wrong account, so not sure if enough details showed up for you to identify me. You are probably used to a high level of technical incompetance from this end by now ;)

  3. It seems all cats love boxes but not sure what the fascination is. One box and four cats usually leads to highly entertaining antics in our house with a cat version of king of the castle

  4. What is about cats and boxes? So much fun for everyone and without spending any pennies! Save the pennies for more yarn.

  5. The pictures reminded me of the youTube film - 'The Box' - Simon's Cat. Had to go and look at it again and it is just as funny this time. Cats and boxes are just made for each other.


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