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Super Wurm!

Oh beloved new hat of mine,
you are so snug and warm.

You caress my head and keep it oh so roasty-toasty.

You sit heavily and snuggly on my brow and back of neck, like a duvet.

The bitterly cold wind whipped around yet I felt deep and cosy in your yarny embrace

I am sure I heard you purring (or was that me)

 But coz I know you ask....

Yarn - Silenzio Color 4 x 50gm (4 x 60m)
Needle size - 4mm
Love? Oh totally and utterly!
Details and pattern HERE


  1. Great! Love the hat, love the colours!!

  2. It does look snug. I do like the speckles of colour too and it goes very well with your scarf...beautiful bright green. Oh! yes matches your red hair too. In all shall I say it looks delightful but the landscape looks decidedly cold!
    Ahhhh the sled......adds to the picture :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Oh it does look so warm and snuggly; I fancy a full-sized body garment I can be toasty warm in...

  4. It looks great, I like the style.

  5. Looking good! I love that hat pattern, I've been meaning to make it for ages.......

  6. Looks really good. Love it, love it, love it. xx

  7. I love that hat - so much so that I'd already downloaded the pattern to knit in some SMC yarn my MIL has just given me as a pressie. Big coincidence, or what?!!! Hope mine turns out as well as yours!

  8. Please bring it to our next KnK.. Better have a piece of string stitched to it, to stop it going walkies!


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