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....is slow.

Not through lack of inspiration or ability, just time and 'omphff' are missing. I have good intentions all day and plan to to get on with some knitty-pleasure only to wilt on the settee and stare glazed across the room once I get home from work.

I have toyed with the idea of taking my knitting to work but still working up to that one!

But, when I do get the time - even for a row or two, I enjoy the escape, the rhythmic click of the needles and the slow progress.

I am not going to do a 'To Do' list this year, I have too much going on, but I am going to do a 'de-clutter challenge' and a 'Don't Do' list.

I've already started on the de-clutter challenge and have filled 3 large bags - just need to take down to the charity shop - I would like to re-home, recycle or throw out something every week until I feel that we are not drowning in 'stuff'.

As for my 'Don't do' list I am going to add - don't stay up too late!! (I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to a good bedtime routine.....yawn)

What are you creating at the moment?
What is on your needles?
Is it flying off or hanging around waiting waiting waiting...
And for the new year? Any challenges or targets you have set yourselves?

Have a good Wednesday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. You asked, so here it is. I finished the scarfette after several tries. Found it did not measure 53 ins across when I cast off, decided I would not worry only to find a disastrous mistake about 3 inches from the beginning that now showed now it was lying flat. So...... I pulled it all back and am starting from just above that error!! I am determined to get it right. grrrrr!!! Love your work, envy the colours, mine is rather drab!!!

  2. I've picked up and resumed a crocheted blanket, not going terribly well I must add!
    Have lots of Christmassy ideas to knit for 2013, too soon for that!
    Socks would keep me occupied. I think I need to get started!
    You've inspired me, thank you!

  3. It's looking gorgeous; colours are superb; fav sister-in-law has a good choice in yarn! I am trying to crochet the body/head of a big spider in one go but am slowly coming to the conclusion I might have to pull it all back..... no pattern to follow, just making it up as I go along!


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